Question to be considered in this talent can be calculated, An Wei Zhen completely not seen Rothschild, he was able to calculate body carrying the murder, it was all thanks to Andrew who has not dissipated the fog of credit.


“This easy to handle,” Chu Wenjin smile with confidence, “according to this progress continues, this Friday Andrew should be able to hold a shareholder meeting, and at that time to go see the side Rothschild are more urgent.”

“Well,” Shen North Star nodded, “it will give you handed down, until Friday, we went to the Rothschild will be.”

Chuwen Jin nodded, but he thought, the only security against Zhen asked: “To be honest, Zhou Zhou Who?”

An Wei Zhen: “”

So you just simply do not know Ah, ah, but also enthusiastically arrange things nodded, as if he really the same as what is clear!

Father here waiting for money to solve the bulk of finished, ZM this company the next day to see their stock began to rise slowly in the evening some.

Rothschild This little sigh of relief, he leaned against the owner of a large chair, holding a photograph of a hand and nodded his money ru heavy pen, with some vicious hostility and said: “Mom, actually I had to lose so much money, sooner or later I had to let me look at this old fool