Surprisingly, I did not expect Jin Zhao Tian elder relatives, indeed quite the background.


  ”How do you determine whether to kill Jin Zhao Ye Pingsheng?”
  Green off without thinking, “he admitted there is still false?However, after my investigation, I think his son is also a great suspicion.”
  Ye white heart chuckle, his son standing behind you, but you do not know it.
  But on the surface is still very serious leaf white, “Do you know his son?”
  Youth from Lengheng heard, “Do not know, but Like father like son, his son will certainly not a good thing, so I see him, I killed together!”
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Chapter 212 winter break

  What the hell kinda arrogant ah!
  White leaves a trace angry moment, from the right-hand green sword hijacking, to the left edge of the gas directly from the clothes cut green.
  Tearing sound.
  A cool feeling back, and his face suddenly became pale green from!
  ”lecher!What do you want, if you dare to move a trace of evil to me, I will die with you!”
  Ye white sneer, “Do not worry, I will not move any evil to you,