The faint chin and said: “That being the case, it would also continue a hanging tantalize, but added no hurry to establish bus station.”


A bus station repair it, the route naturally exposed.
“That lady mean ”
“I will have to wait.”Jiang Chu chuckled:” It Xuancheng carriage business touches not worry, you still recruit Well first driver, the driver need not Xuancheng young and old, have strict control.”
“Slaves understand.”
“As Xuancheng message to build the bus, you can take advantage of big bold strokes driver when spread out, perhaps what surprises her door is not allowed.”Jiang Chu Duanqichabei light sip, lips brought back a touch of laughter to.
Just then, I saw Sun steward came in: “Mrs..”
Jiang Chu said: “what?”
“San Ye dowry, Laonu have prepared well, we had better look over his wife?”Sun steward asked..
Jiang Chu nodded: “You Can Count on Me, first put aside now, you slowly preparation for marriage, do not worry, now matter more, the emperor