Chords bounce.The first tone down time, also Horch bounce theme, layer of the same chords suddenly becomes monotonous sounds good.


  She heard the melody, Sheng Qiao excited bad: “The new songs do?”
  Horch said: “ah, nice you?”
  She nodded hard, there is a sense of their own to participate in the creation of a new song, “super nice!”
  Horch smiled, finished playing a melody, took her hand: “I’ll teach you.”
  One complete song she was playing stumbling, almost did not get just the melody can be such a wonderful feeling really good.That live in the clouds of love beans, from her getting closer, getting closer.
  Dizzy, yawns.
  Horch holding her hand the meal, she asked: “Tired yet?”
  Recent stay up late doing homework drawing, certainly not enough sleep, she nodded, grabbed the side of his waist, crouched in his arms.Horch kiss her forehead: “I hold you go to bed to sleep.”
  Sheng Joe quit, do not know what thought, ran downstairs hold up a small stool, resting his feet, then sat down pillow in his lap, from below upturned little face and asked: “I would disturb this sleep you do to?”
  How does?Thoughts are in turmoil.
  Horch touch her head: “No, go to sleep, I listen to you play the piano.”
  She obediently eyes closed, hands holding his legs, motionless.He plays Little Star