Speaking scared Happening.


  Peng Fei’s face suddenly became heavy, second only to the British royal family Queen Elizabeth II important figure – Prince Charles.Suddenly decided that some sensitive time in Hong Kong.Peng Fei not trust each other just simply come to the front of the “God of Wealth Lee” Wedding.
  Sure enough, Li Xuan quickly explained: “Prince Charles himself call back so I am very accident.Although I received an invitation to the British royal family last year, she went to London to attend Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding.But I do not really deep personal friendship with the Charles Highness, opposite Hawk Baron CEO of his company with Acorn Computers are friends!”
  Li Xuan meaning have made it very straightforward, and the other to Hong Kong’s real aim is not a special trip to attend his wedding.He and Prince relation is not done to such a degree.In fact Charles Li Xuan and His Royal Highness The only met once or twice, had said together not more than twenty.
  Li Xuan and his greatest intersection is HRH the Crown Prince of private investment funds, the company has not listed before ACON has been involved in investment ACON.With the stock price skyrocketing after Acon listing, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince also followed earn pours.Li Xuan do not think this alone, Charles will specially come to his wedding.You know as Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Great Britain.Charles need to participate in political activities.
  Li Xuan then went on: “In fact, before Vice President Bush get a reply, I have invited the Vice-President’s eldest son, Walker.Mr. Bush come to my wedding.
  And Walker was pleased to tell me that he will take