Sub-cover, and it would be tan sweating profusely, his eyes were rolling into some sun thorn.


  Suddenly, a hat smashed over the head, had a tight line of sight is blocked.
  He glanced off his hat, his uncle found gardener’s hat, surprised: “Uncle you”
  ”Long so handsome, that someone feel bad sunburn.”Uncle authentic deadpan.
  Lin-sheng said the sound Xie busy.
  Not long after, that the hands of the gardener to clean up tool, seems to be leaving, Lin-sheng quickly propped hand, you want to follow him, the result of sitting numb feet, all of a sudden did not get up, run away seeing the gardener he reluctantly line and the line fifth head.
  Not enough time to do the hat back to Uncle.
  But soon, that gardener and went back and asked: “it would Fishing?”
  Lin-sheng looked at him.
  ”Accompany me a while to catch fish, I’ll tell you the way back.”
  Lin-sheng was brought into Zhaizi gardener uncle just ran into the tall lake, looking for a place to sit down and have a shade to children.
  After his uncle did not know where to come and two sets of fishing tools, Lin taught a couple of essentials, then just keep go fishing.
  Lin-sheng restless, Meihuazhaohua, “Uncle, you look especially powerful way ah, so will catch more can you give me a