Tour the state capital immediately have to Azusa.”


Jiang Chu had a hunch, the Emperor Azusa touring the state capital, must not be so calm in the past, at this point, or multi-less attitude, moreover, ginger really marriage, she did not want a bunch of things in crowded inside do not give up, the preparations have to go carefully.
Sun steward smiled and answered: “Yes.”
Then they said: “Laonu thought, since San Ye is to marry, is not the backyard child re-look trim, a new house can be considered to Tian Tian festivity.”
Jiang Chu shook his head: “That would not have to, and so he married, but then living in the wrong century home, I’m going to give him another look for a Zhaizi, when he moved out to live alone when the married, this thing will pay Sun steward to do.”
“Laonu understand, rest assured Mrs..”
“Ah, go on.”
Sun steward and withdrew with Chunxiao.
Out the door, Chunxiao thing because it gives Jiang Chu enrollment carriage driver went out of.
Sun steward Mouguang heavy Chunxiao looked to leave the back, always I feel that my heart is not a taste children, Mrs.