“We learn ah fine indeed high, under heavy penalties will have a serious discipline ah.Fines will be used for school construction, accounts are public, anyone can audit.There is also a special donation account, usually used to support the teaching of engineering difficult areas, there will be a section for student awards.Also open accounts, generally are graduates donate, schools never organize donations.”


  ”Well, if there is a national crisis when the donation money in the account, will all donate to.But the country’s good weather, many years not emptied, nice ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ”
  Commented that want to see the fairy classrooms and desks, as well as school bags.
  ”Look at backpack doing ah?”Lu seventy-one ask them to react,” Oh, that fellow will be recorded in my bag to see what kind of video ah, ah, my bag I do not know what.My bags are my family to help me sort out, they have my class schedule, and will be directly linked to teacher.”
  Lu seventy-one with a cameraman to the amount of teaching building “, which is to teach the fifth floor, is a high school classroom building, a total of six, building with six elevators, teachers and students to use in our school that does not exist teachers and students using separate things, cafeteria, bathrooms, changing rooms, teachers and students are common.”
  Cameraman filming the whole picture and other school buildings, land seventy-one went in.
  ”Side of the first floor hall considered active area, you can see, there are a few computers and television, but also several automatic trafficking