”You will not catch it?”
  ”I’m not very good at eh, but my mother treated me well, I want to take my mother to go back to the.”Lin-sheng seriously authentic.
  Gardener uncle read more his eyes, “I tell you I have seen that level of good vision, then give you a bar.”
  ”Thank you, Uncle.”
  Then an hour later –
  Lin bucket filled with students around the fish jump, and a bucket beside Uncle gardener clean enough to see his own reflection.
  Lin-sheng lift the rod, the hook is a big fish, fifth happily bark twice, forest health hehe smile, “I feel fishing is still very short-answer thing.”
  Gardener uncle more and more silent: “”
  Lin-sheng secretly look at him, “Uncle or else I’ll give you one, send you back to your wife.”
  ”Catch your own.”Gardener uncle coughed twice.
  I’m not born to sit tight in the main, a fresh start fresh in the past, forestry students feel fishing is also no challenge, it holds the gills look gardener uncle action.
  He now no hurry to go back, I feel comfortable rare.
  ”That worm bait on your fishing rod uncle, was taken a sword, still water and soak for so long, have bleached it, oh the poor little ah.”
  Uncle: “This is it fate.”
  ”I’m coming,