His face, he finally let go hear, immediately seize the time to find Xu Xianglin.


  She just wanted to ask him something Lin Fan.
  Occurred before the end of the world, she would have stored a lot of parents entrusted cheaper materials, to stay at home in the basement, waiting for her in the past to find them.To make parents believe her, she had to Xing twilight things revealed point, managed to convince the couple, Lin Fan and there are a lot of easy, they are very grateful to the family for a long time micro Sim, convinced her to say.
  She originally thought Xu Xianglin in A City, just after the last band to go with them, what to think at this met.
  Fortunately, I met.
  Speaking of which, Xu Xianglin also a lingering fear: “I thought we would die there, they want to convince me to join them, even take Tsz Lok Weng threatened me, and if you go Zaichi point, I may have to.”
  As for Lin Fan, he said: “I hear you say very seriously on the phone, so Lin Fan told a few travel time, and now the situation A city I do not know, a lot of local networks also paralyzed.”
  Did not ask to want to know something, do not be discouraged micro Sim for a long time, said goodbye with Xu Xianglin, first entered the room, it was down on the bed and hold the wrist.
  His low