Probably because of this, the village head Wu widow of a very grateful, with Yu befriend aunt, got some good things will be sent 广州桑拿论坛to the aunt Yu, Yu aunt is how to either praise or criticize her unshakeable ten years so she insisted.
  Waiting for her son grow up to ten years old when Mrs. Wu would often say with his son, so that he will have to repay a village, often he took his son to the village home help.
  Whether it is still planting the wheat farming weeding, Mrs. Wu will be crowded time with his son to help.
  Results A year later, Mrs. Wu’s son Wu Changjiang not know when it actually with the little girl home village looking for an eye.
  This thing was found when the two were not home village feel about it, it is the first time Wu widow played angry Wu Changjiang, is the White Wolf felt his son, he is not know what conditions?Not go to the village home scourge pretty clever little girl.
  This thing in Pat Heung, also passed quite far, I still saw the first 北京夜网real mother despise other people’s good enough for her son’s daughter.
  After listening to Wu Zhao Orange widow real soft spot can be Wu widow keeps a low profile, not in the house is in the ground, Zhao orange to a month, this is the first time I saw myself.
  Said a few words, Zhao Zhang old woman is ora苏州夜网nge to know to sell eggs, since with the last possession of their own money to do daughter, Zhang old woman will not be willing to let her alone, let Zhang old woman what she is back absolutely unwilling.
  So let Zhang Old Woman cow grass eggs carry food back, they started to sell its own rejection and to be responsible with money.
  In this regard, Zhao Orange really do not know what to say, can only say that this is a tough old lady’s mother, but still could not find out the secret behind her own daughter in the end did some Han.
  Zhao Orange wondering to do so on their own time to go talk to Zhang old woman say, so after the old lady also hope the stars hope the moon finally looked a great grandson,