raised their own life but do not know is not the kind of son.


  In addition, Peng aunt with the leaves sister in law is to buy the meat, this is not the end of the spring Well, to make a home ready to buy meat offering teeth, but also to the family men stomach add points lard.
  Wu Yu aunt widow with three of them are coming to town to buy things, do something to prepare for the wedding after a month.
  Mrs. Wu hit her son after a meal, or two to discuss as a pair of children xiaonianqing Italian, Wu widow may think so, certainly not married, so twenty years for the first time back to her family in the village, go to a young man working outside the family for news, they pack up and com无锡夜网e back later to let her son out of the far door.
  Wu Changjiang has to go out now more than a year, he has also been gaining a solid footing in a factory, a trip back when the Spring Festival, with the home village after a dowry, and then wait for the summer to come back married, married knot home village will be able to bring the past into the little girl also work in factories.
  Wu widows do not trust her son ran out there to give birth to more than a year to spend some effort, do not know where I heard that some people in the name of working with a beautiful young girl out of the scourge, so Wu widow has decided to follow his son summer daughter look to the field, to determine their own will not be back no problem.
  Today, in addition to Wu widow come to town to buy things, the main thing is to find someone to inquire about the state of the sea side of the specific circumstances, for themselves and future daughter about the past to prepare in advance.
  Yu aunt also concerned about the situation over there, so I followed up a.
  Several women stood in the doorway to say the market for a while, then put away the things of Lin Jiancheng came over,苏州夜网419 he saw the original walking hurriedly Zhao orange with the village each have their own formidable women actually talk very speculative, could no