t help lengleleng, then Zhao went and stood silently beside orange.


  Zhao Orange corner of my eye glanced at him, and turned to action natural to Liner Sh都市夜网un back into his arms, “hold fast, this kid began to doze off, do not let him teasing he really asleep, or else hold have exhausted personal.”
  Zhao Yu aunt they saw orange interact with Lin Jiancheng, have exposed to laugh, Peng aunt has always been a talking brain, however, he was immediately smiled and jokingly Lin Jiancheng, “married a beautiful young wife rejoice?I looked at Zhao orange that much better than ahead of you, is the point spoil!”
  This point should really make people diaphragm, it did not even orange Zhao Lin Jiancheng when his wife is really, what else would a man do not mind listening to a woman?
  But this does not want to hear words of Zhao orange, saw his father just was not attracted the attention of Linda Shun hear, Zhao Peng aunt on the front of the orange face rejection child, “Peng Shener you do not speak with a brain ah?The words can say?Dashun not afra杭州夜网论坛id to go back to your mother at night, so you tell her in the end where the bad!”
  Peng aunt face a stiff, Zhang old woman was first rolled his eyes toward her, his mouth a write, exceptionally vivid facial expressions, every wrinkle in exudes contempt, “is, let alone not speak, and nobody when you dumb!”
  Author has to say: cow grass: I am, I also want to raise the white leather, and then let my mother rarity!
  PS: seven thousand words, today there will be a more, I want to write to an ultra-like plot, first issued to this chapter, lest you so anxious, so I ah [wink?
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