Jiangsu new rules: do personal bank card to fill in this book identity theft will be punished


  The contents of this book are: natural person to apply when opening a personal account, provide real and effective identification and fill out personal information; natural application to open a personal account, the non-counterfeiting another person's identity or the fictitious agency relationship open a bank account, non-rental , loan, sell, buy a bank account, and offenders will be provided relevant account management system, suspend his personal account non-counter business five years, three years are not allowed to open new accounts, while their personal information will be transferred to the financial credit information the underlying database to the public; knowingly others to telecommunications fraud network, a personal credit card, personal account funds to pay settlement to jointly criminalized。   In recent years, the new communications network crimes serious harm to people and property safety and legitimate rights and interests, harm social integrity and social order。 February 5 this year, Jiangsu Province Public Security Bureau and the People's Bank of Nanjing Branch of China jointly issued the "Notice on the implementation of open personal bank settlement accounts involved in the new communications network illegal and criminal liability and prevention tips informed"。   According to reports, the "notice" issued purpose is to strengthen the bank settlement account management (hereinafter referred to as the account), to ensure that a natural person legal, regulatory Fan Kaili and use personal accounts to avoid new criminal stolen money was used to transfer the communication network of criminal offenders。
  To protect account security, the People's Bank has issued a number of regulations on the strengthening of payment and settlement management, communications network to prevent new crimes, taking many effective measures to build a strong financial payment and settlement security line of defense。 For example, depending on the bank personally identifiable information verification methods and risk level since December 1, 2016, the same person in a bank can only open more than a class households, has opened Ⅰ class households, then the new account opening , shall open class ⅱ ⅲ class households or households; Bank in exceptional circumstances provided may refuse to open an account, including when there is doubt refused to show personal identification documents to assist banks, organizing others to open an account, there are clear grounds to open an account for crimes suspect the case of activities; Bank transfer time selection to customers and non-personal account of the same name ATM transfer funds credited to adjust after 24 hours。
The "notice" of the introduction, will help prevent further crimes against the new communications network, play an important role in protecting financial security of the masses。