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Chapter 34 [catch insects
  Zhao Zhang old woman with orange over there you made me hate the phrase to spot Peng aunt, Lin Jiancheng can be seen都市夜网 next to a woman betray, obviously just still Hello my good Hello everybody talk, quite happy, a if not on the turn.
  But really, Lin Jiancheng actually think this is pretty good, at least so fell out after Zhao orange hate people, Peng aunt heard the words of his heart to give birth to that point did the tightness.
  Lin Jiancheng holding Liner Shun lost twice tall, successfully make a child sleepy eyes wide up the spirit of excitement, Linda Shun upturned face to see eyeful envy.
  Lin Jiancheng simply put Liner Shun go to the left arm, right hand bend a fishing took Linda Shun also hold up.
  It is older and wiser after Linda Shun did not before, naturally very excited, Liner Shun also find interesting, two brothers laughHa ha laugh in her father’s side play again.
  We are anxious to buy something, they know Zhao orange f杭州桑拿amily of four has bought food is not prepared to enter the markets, Zhang old woman who said yes to the town of mouth for a moment the car, which is separate from their busy buying things go.
  ”I just let them take the initiative back to the village when sitting in your car, and if I do not say you bought a car back things still have to be sure people in the village know that time have to be gossip.”
  Zhao orange or explain something with Lin Jiancheng.
  Lin Jiancheng face can not see anything, do not say anything or silent nod even if done.
  Orange see Zhao could not help feeling, but fortunately, they are not really keep up with this person over a lifetime, this is the typical three sticks not a fart oppressed temper ah, the key is Lin Jiancheng is a very assertive person.
  With such people live together