, they have to rely on guess what, tired.


  Lin Jiancheng do not know they have such a beautiful wife evaluation in the heart, he simply is not like to say just like to do.
  Then they bought two thin quilts few clothes, to buy when Linda Shun Liner Shun Zhao orange are helping pick quite positive, I did not expect Lin Jia杭州桑拿ncheng also bought.
  Clothing store on the town dates twenty-three basically sell together we bring together several small immature age men and women will, as well as shoes and socks these, Zhao orange give two children a good two candidates themselves will not move the.
  ”I have to wear, do not buy, and quickly checked out, or else you give yourself to buy two?”
  Zhao orange determined not to allow him to buy their own, and those who eat even the daily necessities, but also buy back together with everyone, but if now wearing Lin Jiancheng to buy clothes, and what is what thing ah!
  ”You two are that bad, since we have bought, you should also buy two sets.”
  Clothing store boss is a plate with a hair looks so cool Lee Da Saozi thirties, look at this couple of very happy, this is the first time she met the man insisted to give 南宁夜生活网gossips buy, the result of stubborn dead wife refused to buy of.
  Which plays back not to buy non gossips, distressed man refused to pay the money?
  But look fun go look fun, smiling proprietress was quickly persuaded Zhao orange, “sister bought two chanting, take a look at this side of the skirt, just yesterday, the city is coming back into new goods!Well recently not very hot, just the right to wear skirts!”
  Zhao orange or unmoved, facing the boss smiled and refused to look back on the front of Lin Jiancheng impatient and said: “say do not buy just do not buy, but not tell you the kind words, not bothersome trouble?”
  Zhao Orange Zuifan this tugging back and forth, she made the decision a few things that will not be persuaded to change his mind.
  Wife a look, too, was a terrible temper, followed by a man afraid to get angry深圳桑拿网.