The boss quickly found the bag just put on a good selection of two children of four sets of clothing apparel, but also ready Quanjia.


  What if this couple quarreled on the spot, choose the right clothes do not buy that she really lose out!
  However, Lin Jiancheng not angry, took Zhao orange eyes and looked for a moment, then he tu广州桑拿网rned and stared at the two rows of young women’s clothes looked to pick out their own two shirts a pair of trousers with a matching skirt carry out.
  ”It will not be two sets she wore big?”
  Before Lin Jiancheng did not buy into the next town, it is because the new wife’s body does not understand, but now live in front of the eyes take reckoned, elected two sets of size really quite appropriate, in addition to a little big pants.
  Accurate boss apart from anything else moves fast to go take a smaller size pants on the shelf for Lin Jiancheng gestures a bit, “Your wife is very thin waist, have to wear this number!After Yeah you just remember these numbers can be directly bought her clothes, even if there does not fit, go back for a big change brought no small problem!”
  The boss can be seen, this is a man of generous wife Zhu Er, she said the words that kept that in mind, want men to think of the future wife to buy her clothes come here.
  Zhao Lin Jiancheng This operation is orange must look dumbfounded, really did not see it this is money to be so stubborn man, angry and turned on the first out of the clothing store too lazy to care for him杭州桑拿.
  Linda Shun shop with Liner Shun still hanging pants drill to drill there to play, maybe the child’s parents are big patrons and wife do not curse, so that the two smiling children playing casually.
  Lin Jiancheng looked at the door in a huff back to the inside of Zhao orange eyes showed any doubt, the time to buy things before she came not happy Well, why not buy her clothes she suddenly happy?Do not like the clothes here?
  Lin Jiancheng thought of this, subconsciously see when the clothes here in tow