the kind of warm layers of Dona.


  Lin Jiancheng just wanted to buy her a pair of shoes, the results Tiaoyi Fu’s time to put people to annoy, only let the boss reckoned it, took a completely different.
  Orange Zhao did not expect this man actually can be so careful, full of depressed mood is a surge of cold water rushed down.
  Zhao Orange do not广州桑拿 know what to say, looked down at his feet, then looked up and glared at him, “do not try how do you know do not fit together?To buy back again exchanged for trouble is dead!I try to bring my style but also looks good or bad.”
  This is apt to hate her face personality, Lin Jiancheng or not to move a mountain, go to the store to find the boss took root small stool, crouched there the shoes out, Zhao orange sitting there change.
  And then came out, Zhao orange feet has been put on new shoes breathable soft bottom.
  Shoes somewhat similar to the old Beijing cloth shoes, a trip with a cross with a dark past buckle on the instep, gray and black cloth, which also had two embroidered red flowers with green leaves.
  Zhao looked at the orange feel very tacky, but fortunately very small flowers, or on the outside.
  Linda Shun looked at felt very nice, always bow in front of Zhao orange feet saying good-looking, really nice kind of thing.
  Lin Jiancheng rare insight nod in the next sentence, “is very good looking.”
  They are mainly his wife’s feet look good, small and delicate, just saw the first time when Lin Jiancheng think is so small feet, holding in his h南宁桑拿and are just.
  A pair of shoes, orange Zhao good mood up, then the family did not buy anything else, Lin Jiancheng went to the streets alone bag of rice on top of the anti-back, after four people on board went back to the town of mouth.
  Zhao Zhang old woman while orange afraid they will see them buy too many things, and asked Lin Jiancheng there Pidai.
  Lin Jiancheng jumped in the car to find two particularly large bucket that thick sack from the inside, Zhao put the orange clothe