s to buy meat sauce and other daily necessities are wrapped about the whole thing went into.


  Two sacks piled up in the corner of the bucket, Lin Jiancheng also see what she meant, though not feel the need, or pulls out usually encounter a rainy day will be used to cover the cargo tarpaulin tear, we will苏州桑拿 have to fill that corner pile full.
  Outside people do not know that there is only when there is a heap of linoleum, it will not tear easily go to see.
  And waited in the car for a while, Zhang old woman who just bought something in a hurry to drive over.
  Orange saw Zhao sitting in the car stuck his head out towards them with a smile and waved, a few people a little relieved, happy and tried to say a few words, and then one by one climbs the bucket turn on the car.
  As there are no seats?Hey, I win the car seat has been very rare, and who care about the ah?
  Sure enough, the car is not the same with the walk, an hour on the road to a small Pass, Britain was to be an ass became eight petal old bones almost fell apart, after they get off Zhang old woman was full of praise for Dongfeng car.
  ”Zhang Shener you go first, we have t北京夜网o reverse this trouble yet!”
  Zhao Orange man sent away, this look on in despair against two □□ cloth bag.
  Buy time do not feel better now, so many things, how to move back home?
  Lin Jiancheng not think so much, put a large tub and handed Zhao orange, then his side carrying a sack on ready to go, “I go in front, you go 杭州桑拿洗浴slowly in the back, while to come pick you up.”
  Author has to say: Lin Jiancheng: coax a woman happy, this task is completed it count?So the next stage of the wipe [
  PS: still not written the story!!Good catch anxious!My fingers are knocked the pain, I actually want to write to Lin Jiancheng first beaten there [bite tongue suicide.JPG
  You not only want to see, I also want to see Germany !
  Lin Jiancheng:.what’s the situation?I am not a male host it?
  Small partners, only to fight another day tomorrow, and I eat dinner, see y