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Chapter 35 [catch insects
  This time go to the market, because there are car back and forth, but also to catch up with the home when cooking lunch.
  Can obviously only a small road there and back add up to an hour away, Zhao orange feet or hit a few blisters.Zhao orange home on the first time to sit on the bench, and then go off shoes soles of the feet.
  Kang Hui Lin Jiancheng first thing home and turned around to pick up the orange Zhao their trip, riding Liner Shun neck, hands still carry a big tub.
  The Liner Shun on the floor, a large boulder placed first while the tub next to the kitchen, Lin Jiancheng into the house, one saw a little more before Zhao little orange flesh of the palm where the drum with two feet aroun杭州桑拿d the middle of the red and white blisters, suddenly frowned.
  ”what happened?Shoes do not fit?”
  Lin Jiancheng walked over to hold the hand you want a closer look, Zhao orange feet quickly a shrink, but also considerable reaction to push him, “What ah!Do hands and feet!No, that is my skin frays the.”
  Here I can no苏州龙凤网t help but sigh, since crossing over, not even a cheat, skin also become such, Zhao orange really grew more and more gas.
  Through the Great God give this change is to make her doing?Implying shoot advertising skin care products?She did it so people ask ah.
  Lin Jiancheng said nothing, stared at it for a moment, turned to dig out in the morning and handed Zhao bought back the needle orange.
  For this special tender Zhao orange skin, Lin Jiancheng also gossips whispered a bit do not know by how much pain her family’s two decades, turned around and thought it jumps the “feels like I do not know how” question on.
  But his ne