w wife is still very close to the rejection, Lin Jiancheng determined to try also not possible now to how.


  Lin Jiancheng carrying two large linen pocket when coming back, the villagers saw the natural all know Lin Jiancheng their home go to the market to buy a lot of things back.
  And now it they have completely no desire to go garrulous people earn much money these trivial matters how much money, Because they have bigger things to say!
  Even the village children young and old man can not help but have joined, the北京体验网re are people deliberately ran for half an hour to go there to see small Pass road bike is said Lin Jiancheng bought Dongfeng car.
  ”Oh, the car was great, oh, a few pigs home crowd will not catch up!”
  ”Fast enough, a ha ha get home!”
  ”Car up very cool, basking in the sun all that is not hot, the car was so comfortable!”
  As the village took the lead truck sat Lin Jiancheng Zhang Yu aunt old woman a few of them, eating lunch when he jumped Siemens holding jobs everywhere, or five people standing pony car on the road open voice talking about feelings.
  Someone asked not shake the car shaking ass, old bones Zhang old woman have the final say, immediately pulling faces make “you really did not experience” expression, “a shake shake, shake can comfortably thiophene, before I am not backing stiffly pain Well, now I feel very 南宁夜网waist Songkuai!”
  Ugh there such a thing!
  Zhao orange wash big tub in the yard, across two paddy fields have heard these words, suddenly Puchi could not help laughing.
  Just out of Lin Jiancheng apparently heard it, but would have felt very ordinary, then saw Zhao orange flower with flower-like smile, Lin Jiancheng products the goo广州桑拿网ds, I feel really very interesting remarks.
  ”Hey, they say want to see your car will not have a child to climb or poke a bad tire?”
  Orange turned around and saw Zhao Lin Jiancheng laugh, and it was only when he was in the village to those who say laugh.
  Lin Jiancheng new clothes are put Zhao orange feet, sho