ok his head in it does not matter, “they hesitant to get started, I’m going back tomorrow lotus seed paste City trip.”


  The village saw a rarity, especially to know the price certainly not cheap, most people are hesitant to touch, afraid of accidentally break something they have to lose money.
  A few years ago after working outside things appear near the village there are courageous young people to go out, no fairy village.
  Last year, Wu else widow wants his son to expel foreign workers will not have to come all the way back to her family in the village to find someone to find out.
  However, since the Spring Festival after the widow of Wu Yong Wu wearing bell-bottoms, giving her a big back head Fengfengguangguang trip back, and then go out on young men in the village and went to go about it.
  He said to be about the same, mai深圳桑拿nly because the village population have been less.
  Take Lin Jiancheng, the village with his same age who also seven or eight, married a few grew up, the only five people, five men still basically did not stay in the village farming, either which of the brick factory near to the quarry Woodland what day laborers.
  Even now only 2091, but has shown a fairy village left behind the initial state of the village, in the final analysis they are still too small arable land here is not really fertile soil, rely on farming busy all year long, paid the after the agricultural tax can only say that the family go hungry, want to eat is immune.
  Zhao Orange Village is not sure the other is not such a situation, where her family of origin on Aozai mountain, it is more remote, and often a big, tall hills only stayed one family, two draft must g北京夜网o more than an hour to go back down the mountain.
  Why back?Because the mountain is too steep too narrow and would not dare pick it!
  Generally a little bit older people, in the face of new things, often subconsciously gas is weak, then it showed binding the hands of Mo Yang.
  Before she moved like a dare to spend big br