oom Peng and Zhang Shufen’s articulate, conscious Deng face Red Star when they are not simply little resistance, only begging the other side of mercy.


  Orange Zhao could not help a sigh, do not want to dwell on these others did not, raising his hand to pour dirty water basin Bigfoot clean, sit down and picked up again to buy new clothes ready to pour into the bowl clean Bigfoot a bit.
  The results found that Lin Jiancheng also standing next instant, Zhao could not help tilted orange upturned face to see him, “how do you still here?Not to say the afternoon to repair the pigsty with kitchen Well?”
  Do you want to be lazy?Remembered his feet wearing people to buy shoes, orange Zhao hesitated if he did not want to work, or else for the time being to let him take a nap?
  Zhao orange upturned face facing the light, only to see his big tall stature, could not see the face of Lin Jiancheng, naturally, no see Lin Jiancheng micro black face and climb up the Red Cloud.
  Lin Jiancheng silent for a moment, finally put one hand to the front and let Zhao Orange saw that he had been hiding behind a black plastic bag.
  Lin Jiancheng does not 南宁夜生活网speak, put the bag handed over.
  He had a chance to be ready in the evening Orange Zhao, Zhao orange can say something bought back the clothes do not know how many people have touched the upper body tried, can wear one must Xishai.
  Lin Jiancheng thinking about such personal clothing, should need Xishai, so dodging two children out of.
  Zhao Orange know why, held out his hand to take over the opened, which actually is two pink with red underwear with the kind of sponge.
  There are also similar to the color pink with red panties.
  Zhao quietly staring at the orange underwear looked two seconds hand pulled cup underwear in his chest than the ratio, suddenly looked up staring past, “how do you know how much my chest?Is not looked sneaky rogue pervert perverted ah ah ah!!!”
  The sound is crisp, but can be overstating screaming scared杭州桑拿论坛 Lin Jiancheng h