why white from Chen asked, she is a fool.


  This man wants to find out that those who lived in the bullpen, not any particular person, but he turned a corner and asked out of it.
  Bai Qi Chen chuckle loud苏州夜网ly, “What a clever little girl!”
  Nguyen rain rolled his eyes, the white from Chen’s attitude always makes her a kind of déjà vu daddy.
  Bai Qi Chen did not mind, he asked, “can you tell me about those people?”
  Nguyen rain naive blinked, Guzuobuzhi, “Who?”In fact, she did not want to say it from his mouth, those who live in the bullpen.
  No matter how those people are now being looked down upon, bullied, this is a problem of the times, and those who do not have any relationship, so, Ruan rain, because they do not want to mouth the words while giving them trouble.
  Bai Qi Chen eyebrows micro screw, jade stones and some weak skin shining in the sun, he explained, “I meant no harm!”
  Nguyen rain in front of this man looked suspiciously.
  She was not sure, “Really??”
  Bai Qi Chen Enliaoyisheng.
  Nguyen rain t苏州夜网o look at Bai Qi Chen on the wrist for three seconds, she whispered threats, “the prayer beads with your hands is something belonging to the feudal remnants!”
  ”He’s bullpen since being called Grandpa demigod, it was hit to do the remnants of feudalism!”She paused, his face serious,” If you want to celebrate grandpa start, I’m going to report what you possession of the remnants of feudalism!”
  Bai Qi Chen looked stunned, he slowly begin rotating of prayer beads wrist, also deepened a little smile, “Why?On the subject of close and distant relations, we should not be more familiar to you?”
  After all, is the saving grace.
  Or twice!
  Although the little girl to save him, but he saved the little girl and nothing different!
  Ruan rain, raising his hand pointed to his head, “Because He saved my grandfather!”
  She had books and Lin Yang wi北京夜网ll be false engagement, the bullpen is the grandfather He refers to the road, and if she did not remember correctly, before she becomes