eartbeat missed two beats.


  Zhao orange feeling very indignant, think of just this man she did not know when his own chest secretly tracing one begins with the eyes, Zhao orange scalp to南宁夜网 be blown up, not hand things can throw conveniently, orange Zhao ready to use next to the laundry water to splash Lin Jiancheng.
  Lin Jiancheng already quite embarrassed, Zhao was orange and splashing water is like a satyr rogue curse words one hit over, suddenly at a loss back again and again.
  Zhao Orange saw him actually have to run, jump up to catch up to him to hammer.
  Lin Jiancheng did not expect this new wife looks petite, can hit people but it is struggling to cope, but also poking fingers is kicking knee, and thanks to Lin Jiancheng agile, or else have to suffer little brother many times the trauma.
  Lin Jiancheng find themselves more to hide the more intense reaction Zhao orange, and finally can barely lay upon the face orange Zhao himself to vent a pass, grabbed Zhao orange scolded tired, tired of beating Cha Zhao广州桑拿网yao effort to catch my breath quickly explained, “I I really did not peek!Dry clothes in the morning is when you find within, that what is broken, the time to buy clothes just to see, I asked the boss to help me reckon took two, I do not know that you are fit to wear!”
  Zhao Orange suspiciously look askance him, s广州桑拿网kepticism evident.
  Lin Jiancheng have been her temper so much noise, to be honest, a big man, but the wife is to buy two sets of underwear, and then they got a bunch of hooligans shouting pervert plus chasing play, say that Wohuo it is absolutely impossible.
  But now he has not angry yet, this man actually also confidently doubt that he did not believe his explanation, Lin Jiancheng really do not know what to say.
  Take a deep breath, Lin Jiancheng trying to find his familiar state, carefully watching the black face orange back to Zhao, “Really!”
  Zhao orange wrinkled nose “Well,” out to him, turned around and left, “Then I’ll believe you th