so I usually wash, screw up a piece of clothing, Zhao orange raising his hand and wiped out just tired of chasing people when playing sweat, looked up only to find a Lin Jiancheng still standing there.


  Ye want to fight back?
  Zhao admit defeat even implicitly defiantly orange eyes stare straight past, “also see what see?”
  Look what look, this question is asked in the Northeast, it is definitely the best fight together □□ events, and now it just looked Lin Jiancheng place not supposed to see, is such a fierce orange Zhao guilty but up moment.
  ”Oh, no, I went to talk to Big Brother point where the straw back!”
  Having Lin Jiancheng would like burning butt directly out of the yard.
  Zhao Lin Jiancheng Orange looked at the back of the left in a hurry, always feel not quite right, but t北京风月会所he thought, does she just simply wrong this from Lin Jiancheng a big man was hit actually not a word?
  Zhao Orange has been that they are not militants, but now will have three seconds of self-doubt.
  Lin Jiancheng this trip out, came back up to more than an hour later, Zhao Orange have come back today to buy something good all return home, and even two thin quilts are out of bedspreads to wash, dry and now she is in on a bamboo pole yard, the wind and toss toss, she has been seeing a semi.
  Leaving Zhao Lin Jiancheng Orange surprised that followed came together there is still forest river with Lin Jianguo.
  Lin Jiancheng Lin Jianguo with the two arms are holding a straw, on the threshold of the yard at the station to see Zhao orange, Dabo Zi Lin Jianguo could not help but saw two more, with time on the orange eyes of Zhao smiled and 南宁桑拿nodded orange red Zhao.
  The river forest wood warehouse holds hands behind the smoke, cough twice stood there, waiting for the first call he Zhao orange.
  Lin Jiancheng walk in front, his father did not pay attention to the end of the shelf, do not know for a guilty conscience or something, not always jumped half a fart of this initiative comes with Zhao L