in Jiancheng orange, “I just there to accompany brother dad went to the car, tied straw for now, you call the pigsty kitchen with Dashun things that are received to close them before they go for a while to wash dirty again.”


  This is regarded as a moment to explain why so long to come back.
  Said Pei Bushi band, it seems to want to see the father with Dabo Zi.
  Zhao orange “ah” sound, blink of an eye toward the river Lin Jianguo Lin smiled and greeted kind words, “Brother father, what are you to come and help the?Some work on t北京夜生活hat a person can build busy, you come sit and rest a drink of water!”
  Lin leisurely river “ah” sound, apathy enough to.
  Zhao orange do not care, anyway, she should do has been done, and if who then engage in something, she could have justifiably hate.
  Holding straw squatting in the yard ready to open dry orange one Zhao Lin Jiancheng looked back, hindsight seemed to find his new wife did not directly call him names, only when talking to people will use this Tiancui intimate tone call him “build”.
  Lin Jiancheng hard at work, keep Zhao did not say the same for his brother father Orange politely greeted a bite to eat what to drink water.
  Lin Lin Jianguo with rivers have become accustomed to, Why Why.
  I’m married to this river the next day came to the door shouting Sapo new daughter is strong views, and this one is watched over his son to buy a small car, two is a big help because Zhao orange daughter, Lin rivers come even if the trip is to give a face, but also as a human.
  Zhao Lin know if the Orange River this reluctance also favor the idea, for fear that his eyes have turned to heaven.
  What to face ah, might as well come to the really wild.
  A南宁桑拿fter it touches Lin Jianguo, Zhao multi looked hard at it with two orangeLin Jiancheng together Zhaqi straw, and my heart is whispered loudly wonder boy can with this fancy orange Zhao, originally looks good.
  Unfortunately, the temper is too pungent, most people really overwhelmed.
  Lin Jianguo th