Third trimester of pregnancy should pay attention to what you must do this eight


Third trimester of pregnancy should pay attention to what?Third trimester pregnant women approaching childbirth, many things have a lot of attention, then you want to know exactly what to pay attention to it in the third trimester?Following small to tell you about it in the end what to pay attention to the third trimester。 Third trimester of pregnancy should pay attention to what 1, for check-in time。 Starting from 28 weeks of pregnancy, the frequency of once a month for check before changing from once every two weeks, after 36 weeks of pregnancy is to be carried out for check every week until the baby is born。 So, even if the third trimester travel more inconvenient, it must adhere to check-oh, every time someone recommended check-in time to accompany better。
2, balanced diet。
Ideal weight gain during pregnancy should be controlled at about 20-25 pounds, if irregular diet, a balanced diet, it can easily lead to excessive weight gain, trouble for the birth。 In addition, if the third trimester often eat fried foods such as angry words, it is easy to constipation situation occurs, is not conducive to development of the fetus。 3, keep moving。 If there is no physical symptoms, appropriate exercise can。 Suitable during pregnancy should be to ease the movement, not violent, such as walking, swimming, yoga and other pregnant women, housework is a sport Oh!Appropriate exercise can ease the mood, but also help is the future delivery。
Note that, be sure to rest when feeling tired。
4 third trimester of pregnancy should pay attention to what, pay attention to hygiene。 Pregnancy more sweating, with particular attention to personal hygiene, regular bathing, underwear Qinhuan。 Bath time not too long, the water temperature is not too high。 5, pay attention to skin care。 Third trimester abdominal skin stretching, improper care, then it is prone to stretch marks。 It recommends that pregnant mothers before the stretch marks started doing skin care。 6, pay attention to Breast Care。 After pregnancy, the breasts will be correspondingly larger, this is in preparation for the post-natal breast-feeding, so pregnant mothers to learn to breast care, especially in the third trimester!You must first learn to adjust underwear, try to choose lingerie for pregnant women, to prevent sagging, but also make themselves more comfortable。
Breast tenderness, you can heat or by appropriate massage to relieve。