ought of this, secretly looked up to glance a boy scratches on his neck, the village is not without a man is a woman Naoliao the home, Lin Jianguo glance scratch piece is how come the.


  Gee, brother came back less than two days, younger brother’s wife also was married into the Lin family a month’s time, you can actually scratch their own men, after a long day brother also not stepped on a three man child roughshod over it?
  Lin Jiancheng hand movements meal, suddenly remembered something, stood up and quiet南宁夜网ly looked at the hanging pole, did not see determine underwear at home gossips, this secretly relieved.
  Zhao just orange in one hand and a bowl in one hand and holding a jar fitted cold water poured out so that outside three sons want to drink water when you can pour yourself, see Lin Jiancheng turned and looked at his inexplicably, are not looked down upon.
  Determined not to their own problems, Zhao Lin Jiancheng orange lift eye towards homeopathy rolled his eyes, put down the jar with the forest Dahe, said the crash was and into the house.
  Linda Shun was in the kitchen end of the pot dishes are loaded into the house, after the busy went to the yard to play with his father squatted beside uncle.
  ”Uncle, with China and China Taotao where to go?”
  ”They tell you to send your grandmother uncle your mother went, came back lat广州桑拿网e.”
  Linda Shun “Oh,” a cry, in fact, he is casually ask, they usually do not how to play with four cousins.
  Just had lunch noon orange let Linda Shun Zhao took my brother to sleep as usual, the results Linda Shun to put himself back to sleep.
  No one told them two brothers, Linda Shun sleep now 4:00 pm and we have to up 南宁桑拿my mind dizzy, they squatted there, staring at his dad tie straw.
  Zhao looked at the orange time is not late, the house sat on the Kangbian Liner Shun rub rub like to roll the dough several times and can be considered to be a child to wake up.
  Rolling in the wake of Liner Shun has not opened his eyes yet, it is Kaka Lo lau