gh, thinking Cheng Cheng is to play with him, a stand on hands and knees and hugged his stomach turn orange Zhao arm.


  ”Cheng Cheng, play!”北京夜网
  Liner Shun will continue to play.
  But Zhao Orange did not like his views, holding his head so that he looked at himself, “you should say, Cheng Cheng, play with.”
  This time a child seems to be common in rural areas than to speak late, argumentative or adults at home are busy wait crops, unless the home is the 北京桑拿kind of brother and sister also more than willing to take a child to play, that because more children, a child also be able to learn a lot.
  Liner Shun has always been to follow Linda Shun, and Linda Shun was busy looking for food not to starve every day with his brother, two brothers are rarely serious exchange.
  Now Liner Shun slurred speech even, very sticky.
  Fortunately, Zhao looked at the orange turned his tongue under the tongue Tie bars, not long Tie film, which does not need to go to the hospital scissors move, just need someone to teach Liner Shun good, he can slowly learn to normal speak.
  Zhao repeated orange teach Liner Shun said several times, until Liner Shun say probably correct, Zhao orange on Shangkang to play with him for a while.
  Rang out trickle of voice, holding orange Liner Shun Zhao went out to look, Lin Ji苏州桑拿ancheng has climbed on the kitchen roof, mounted on the load-bearing beams of wood can not be dropped with straw, under the new Lin Jianguo will do a good job straw throw up.
  He threw a one after the action is pretty crisp.
  I began to live is a burst of dust and grass clippings fall, orange altogether hold Liner Shun Zhao called on Linda Shun, go to the vegetable plots of vegetables to go with three people.
  Zhao was originally thinking of his orange or how long to go, all kinds of vegetables like cabbage grow faster.
  I did not expect this delay to delay two days a week there, and now have a month, it has grown vegetable in the cabbage can pull and eat them.
  Zhao Orange ready to pull one ba