ck home at night eat a cabbage soup, the other meat bought in the morning did not have time to do back at noon to eat late at night to make fried meat dish soup, then carry back of a Lin Jiancheng bags of rice a stuffy cooked rice.


  Think more chewing the fragrant white rice, orange Zhao has wanted to light a fire to cook ahead.
  Orange before crossing Zhao is not how like to eat cooked rice, can give way to attend a lecture this month is the porridge together.
  ”Dashun, pleas杭州夜网e help me to pull the vegetable garden of grass, two along, he sat here to play, are not allowed to have anything to grab the mouth Bariset!”
  Talking, Zhao orange from his pocket two packets of biscuits, two brothers, one of them points to a package.
  It’s just come out when Zhao secretly take on orange, Liner Shun now is to see everything the first time want to try the mouth can not eat age, Zhao told over orange still do not trust, only to have his mouth eat the job.
  Mao Caopeng roof is changing quickly, and orange on the outside Zhao stayed less than an hour, back when forest river with Lin Jianguo has gone, Lin Jiancheng in the pack down for a straw mat.
  Tidy to hold together into a barn to put the firewood compartment, the back can be used for ignition.
  Zhao Lin Jiancheng orange see who has the head of straw crumbs, afraid he returned to the house dirty kang, simply set fire to the hot water in advance, let Lin Jiancheng first two with just playing in the mud in the vegetable garden brats to take a bath.
  Finally Zhao hot water with orange barrels out on the next play, seeing more than six, not too early to start cooking, Zhao深圳桑拿网 hit rice on orange, etc. Lin Jiancheng wash out let him look at the stove We’ll get a shampoo just bought today to the yard outside her hair.
  Zhao orange hair now only slightly below the position a little behind the Butterfly Valley, with the shampoo, washing up is still very convenient.
  Had washed and polished semi-dry with a towel and then wrap it up, Lin Jia