Cough, sputum or bloody sputum for more than two weeks suspected tuberculosis


  WASHINGTON (Reporter Gu Xiaohong) March 24 is World TB Day。 Reporters from the Beijing Institute of Tuberculosis Control learned that in mid-2017, Beijing reported a total of 7114 cases of tuberculosis patients, second only to dysentery, ranking second in Class A and B infectious diseases。
  Experts said the high proportion of floating population in the city in 2016 resident population, the proportion of foreign population% from most areas of high TB epidemic, tuberculosis incidence, difficulty of floating population tuberculosis control persists。
City a total of more than 3,500 types of schools that, the number of students more than 3.7 million, in the school environment, the spread of TB incidence and high risk, have occurred clusters of disease, tuberculosis prevention and control task is arduous school。 The city's elderly population increases every year, because the elderly population decreased immunity, increased risk of TB infection and disease, elderly patients often accompanied by other diseases due to tuberculosis treatment increased the difficulty of management, poor treatment outcomes。 Elderly tuberculosis prevention and control challenges can not be ignored。
In addition, the spread of multidrug-resistant TB epidemic, many patients with diabetes and other factors, but also to challenge the capital tuberculosis prevention and control。
  TB can occur in any organ in addition to hair and nails, healing rate and high recurrence rate without treatment, causing serious damage to diseased parts。 One of the common form of tuberculosis in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis, no treatment can hardly heal, tuberculosis absorb healing very slowly, repeatedly worsen and spread, prolonged course, void formation and fibrosis, can cause hemoptysis lesions involving the blood vessels, to lung tissue and cause serious damage to lung function, quality of life was significantly reduced, or even lead to death。
  Still lack effective vaccine against tuberculosis infection or disease。
BCG only confirmed better protection for children with severe tuberculosis (tuberculous meningitis and miliary tuberculosis); the main mode of spread through the respiratory tract and M. tuberculosis viability in the air strong characteristics, can not be effectively cut off the transmission way; therefore, currently the most effective TB control measures can only be managed source of infection, tuberculosis patients that is found early, treatment and through strict management to completely heal, to minimize its role in infection。