Liuweidihuangwan can "impotence"?Give me a break, it used to be a pediatric medicine


  Speaking of "," many people would first think of。 Do not go to the hospital, do not need others to "disclose" his Yin Ji, a box of pills able to get, how perfect!Do not get too excited, cruel truth came。
  After three to truth as a universal tonic, body "virtual" eat the truth, you know how this outrageous。
  It was not a lot of people as a tonic supplements and health care products, in fact, it consists of cultivated land, dogwood, Chinese yam, Poria, Dan, Liu Wei of Chinese medicine Alisma composition, although not violently toxic components, but there are side effects and contraindications taking, not chaos eat。
  Not "virtual" can be used only applicable to the kidney, not "all-rounder"。
Some people think that cold and fever is "false", and need to make up, but this time to eat Liuweidihuangwan may aggravate the symptoms。   Most people can not believe that long-term use of traditional Chinese medicine safe non-toxic, long-term use can。 In fact, taking traditional Chinese medicine treatment should be adjusted according to the physical condition and the condition changes。 If the drug helps, eat some time to improve the symptoms of the disease also need to stop taking; taking twelve weeks if symptoms do not improve, more and should be discontinued promptly seek medical treatment, so as not to delay treatment。
  Even the treatment of kidney, should also be used after TCM。 If there is loss of appetite, loose stool and other symptoms while taking, or compliance should be discontinued while taking spleen and stomach medicine。   Everyone needs to do kidney?  With the development of society, the accelerated pace of life, increased social competition, rapid increase in health groups, especially young people, most have fatigue, insomnia, backache, heavy legs, dizzy, powerless and a series of discomfort the chief complaint。 They are often extremely tired, lost due vigor, and even premature aging, they are in a highly competitive state, overdraft physical and mental work in high-pressure, full load, they desire to add inductance weak body make your own inject energy。   Kidney is not "any harm" Chinese traditional culture by the public, people tend to believe that health must rely on traditional Chinese medicine, taking the tonic is the best method to keep fit, and kidney tonic is the best medicine, because the kidney is fundamental。 So some people think: young people cause heavy work fatigue, weakness and need kidney; this elderly kidney deficiency, kidney should; men and women seem to have the kidney。
In particular, there is "no empirical kidney," saying, in other words only say that kidney deficiency, how to fill are good。
In short, the kidney is "any harm, for everyone."。
However, the kidney is really nothing like it?  Chinese medicine believes that human health is the balance of yin and yang organs, this yin and yang balance is broken, it will cause disease。 In the process of maintaining the health of Chinese medicine is to adjust the body's yin and yang balance, to take its surplus, to fill the gap。 So, if your kidney, you can kidney, kidney if you are not, you do not need kidney。   Kidney, Yang Shen, kidney different kidney, or kidney Yang Shen, the three concepts are different。 Kidney is the treatment of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine necessarily need to take the kidney; and Yang Shen kidney or renal care is through the daily diet, living, fitness method。 Therefore, kidney need medication, as long as the drugs have medicinal properties, such as herbal medicine and yin fill in fine mostly cold AIDS tired, easy to damage the yang yang or repression; and Onyang or aphrodisiac easily raw heat, wear and tear or shade fine。
Also, all tonic will all help evil or evil convergence。 So, should the kidney should follow doctor's orders, rather than any whom。 In everyday life we usually have to pay attention to the conservation of the kidney in order to improve health。