The efficacy and role of purslane and taboos


The efficacy and role of purslane and taboos, which have medicinal value of purslane, the following night network for your details。
Purslane is a medicinal and edible plants, according to ancient Chinese pharmacopoeia: purslane cold, Pickle, non-toxic, the liver, spleen, large intestine through three, have liver qi, spleen and stomach, Runchang the effectiveness of detoxification。
Because purslane is an edible wild plants, production is so big, so in the past when severe famine, purslane is used as relief food to eat。Chinese medicine believes that between the spring and summer, is the body's liver and spleen, when in season, eat purslane, can play livers, clear the role of Wei Huo, people also often used to treat purslane, dysentery embolism。The efficacy and role of purslane 1.Modern medical discoveries, and purslane has high medicinal value, in addition to containing conventional protein, minerals and other nutrients, but also contains purslane unique biological active ingredients, can enhance the activity of human epithelial cells with and help promote ulcer healing。The efficacy and role of purslane and Taboo 2.Purslane also contains a unique anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory ingredients, in the case of people over the past lack of effective drugs, often as purslane broad spectrum antibiotic to use, give play an important role in the fight against typhoid, malaria and other epidemic diseases, currently the medical community have been extracted from a purslane its active ingredients, are made tablets medicines, injections, etc., also clinically widely applied。
3.Medical scientists also confirmed that purslane can lower blood cholesterol levels, there is a good preventive and therapeutic effects on ,, cerebral infarction and other cardiovascular diseases。