Eat ginger in the end with no peeled?So many years we eat the wrong (1)


  Eat ginger in the end not peeled?  In fact, ginger skin by no means dispensable thing。
Which itself is blind Chinese medicine。
Eat or eat peeled skin, according to the specific situation to be in。  Chinese medicine, ginger spicy, warm, with the effect diaphoresis, vomiting detoxification; and spicy ginger skin, cool, with the benefits of water swelling effect, so there remain ginger skin is cool, go ginger skin is hot statement。So to say, skin and meat plants are a pair of yin and yang。
Understand this principle, you naturally know when peeled to eat and when to eat the skin。  Ginger, peeled case of stomach Deficiency, best peeled ginger; are eating bitter melon, celery, crab and other cold food, it is best to eat peeled ginger, you can balance the cold crab; when suffering from cold cold, drink ginger, brown sugar water can be alleviated, at this time the best ginger, peeled; prevention and treatment of spleen and stomach caused by vomiting, stomach pain and other discomfort with ginger, ginger skin should be removed。
  Ginger, peeled situation is generally not cook with ginger, should be skin to eat, because it can not only maintain the balance of ginger and herbs, but also to prevent lit; edema, do not eat ginger, peeled, because ginger skin beneficial role of water ; If constipation, halitosis and the like, preferably alone with ginger skin。  The four major benefits of eating ginger 1.Sweat cooling ginger in ginger have on the heart and blood vessels a stimulating effect, improves blood circulation, so the pores open, sweat increases, heat can be taken away with the sweat of the body have a certain role heatstroke。
  2.Prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal bacterial growth in the late summer active, easily contaminated food, causing acute gastroenteritis。
Ginger proper eating or drinking after adding boiling water with ginger, can play a role in prevention of gastroenteritis。  3.Get rid of the summer often cold blowing air conditioning, vulnerable to cold, cause colds。Drink ginger syrup, helps the body get rid of cold。
Hot summer heat and wind caused by the cold should not drink。  4.Spleen and stomach summer eat cold food, cold gas can cause stomach excessive, palpitations, nausea and other symptoms, eating ginger helps to warm the stomach, to prevent serious illness。