Drink and eat tomatoes hangover!(1)


  Beverages, drink more beverages。
But also the loss of deportment。
Drunken vomiting not only make it difficult subject, but also cause a huge loss of the body's potassium, calcium, sodium and other elements, drunken vomiting must replenish nutrients potassium, calcium, sodium, etc.。
Vomiting after drinking the juice drink can ease the uncomfortable feeling, because tomato juice is rich in potassium, calcium, sodium ingredients just supplement the loss of body element deficiencies。  The efficacy and role of 1.Slow down the aging spots on lycopene is not just important industry in today's natural food colorants, more importantly, it is a strong antioxidant。
Lycopene supplements, anti-aging, strengthen the immune system, reduce the incidence of the disease。
Lycopene also reduces eye macular degeneration, reduce pigmentation spots。So tomato has "longevity fruit" reputation。
  2.Cancer Research shows that lycopene can effectively prevent prostate cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, uterine cancer, skin cancer, etc.。  3.Lowering blood pressure can reduce blood pressure in patients with bleeding gums or subcutaneous bleeding often occurs, tomatoes help improve symptoms。  4.To prevent the occurrence of coronary heart disease and stroke patients with thrombosis of daily moderate drinking tomato juice beneficial disease rehabilitation。
  Fives.Jianweixiaoshi help digestion, laxative effect, can prevent constipation。
  Edible 1.It should not be eaten raw, especially the spleen and stomach, and women during menstruation。
If only the tomato as a fruit to eat vitamin C, or Shengxia Qing heat, raw is better places。
  2.Fasting should not eat, because of a chemical substance contained in the acid with the water-insoluble easy to form lumps, causing abdominal pain, often eat。
  3.Should not eat unripe green tomatoes, because it contains toxic solanine。  4.When heated to high temperatures should not be long, because lycopene exposed to light, heat and oxygen readily decompose and lose health effects, and therefore, should avoid prolonged heating at high temperature cooking; a little more cooking vinegar, tomato which can destroy the hazardous substances alkali。  Qiao went 1 tomato skin.On the open irrigated tomatoes, or tomatoes into the boiling water boiled, tomato skin can easily be stripped。  2.The tomatoes are carefully scraping with a spoon from the tip in the end part again, so that the skin and flesh inside the tomato paste more closely, then again Shredded tomato skin, it is easy。
  Qiao cut tomato does not flow if not handled properly when the cut tomato juice, a lot of tomato juice will flow out, leading to the loss of water and nutrients, as long as careful observation of the surface texture, the tomatoes pedicle being put carefully in accordance with the texture of the tomatoes can be cut down the seeds and pulp are not separated; and juice does not flow, if not in a hurry pot cooking, or you can freeze tomatoes in the refrigerator first ten minutes and then cut into slices with a knife or a block, so that nutrition is not lost。