Men often eat kelp these five physical changes occur


Location: body of men who regularly eat seaweed body will occur five major changes in 2018-4-2010: 55: 33 Source: REVIEW: kelp, a very common seafood, because the price is cheap with nutrient-rich, has always been everyone's favorite。The kelp For men, there are many benefits, so today we have to look at the effectiveness of kelp with practice, we hope to help……Prevention of cardiovascular disease generally occurs because cardiovascular disease is due to the blood vessel wall appears excess cholesterol triggered, if you want to prevent cardiovascular disease, then we need to remove these cholesterol, and kelp which contained unsaturated fatty acids it can play this role, so that eat kelp can play a role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease。
Prevention of goiter when our body iodine, goiter cases it is prone to, so early in life, we have been focusing on the case of iodine, so only the emergence of iodized salt。But want to prevent this disease, in fact, eat kelp is also a great help, because it contains a lot of iodine seaweed, can add iodine is lacking in our body。
Kelp seaweed soup ribs practice materials: seaweed, spare ribs, ginger。Practice: kelp washed soaked for half an hour, then washing again, and then cleaned; after hot soak clean cut ribs; clean cuts ginger Crush。
Pour boiling water pot, add all of the material, after the boiled ribs ripe to put seasonings you can eat seaweed soup meat of。
Kelp salad Ingredients: kelp, garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, salt, sugar, pepper。
Approach: first kelp soaked wash, and cut wire after one hour, and then placed in boiling water boiled over and then finish it inside the drain。
The drain of kelp into a bowl, pour all of the material, stirring click。