A fish can be resolved refused to take medicine Women's Health!(1)


  Also called Sameng fish or Salmon fish is one of the more commonly used Western raw fish。Salmon consumer market in different countries covering different types, mainly Norwegian salmon Atlantic salmon, salmon Finland mainly large-sized red meat of farmed rainbow trout, salmon mainly US Alaska salmon。
Salmon generally refers to fish salmon-shaped head salmonids Oncorhynchus, and there are many, Northeast China producing salmon and hunchback salmon, etc.。
  Which is rich in iron can prevent, especially before menopause; omega-3 fatty acids help alleviate the female menstrual depression, prevent mood swings; eat during pregnancy will help your baby's brain development of intra-abdominal。
  A nutritional beauty methods famous American dermatologist Professor Pei Liken recently launched。
Pei Liken claims, mainly to eat food, three days later, facial wrinkles and sagging skin, do not say total elimination, but also at least significant change, people full of youth and vitality。"Salmon is my diet in the magic bullet," Pei Liken music is not he。Pei Liken said, noting the human aging culprit is sugar molecules。Attached to the sugar molecules will be collagen destruction of cells, the fibers become stiff and lose its elasticity, causing wrinkles。
  Recommended eat fried material: a thick fresh ginger, garlic, lemon peel。  Seasoning: salt, black pepper, scallop Lu, honey。
  The dry clean water reserve; ginger, garlic, lemon cut fine; take a small bowl scallop poured little exposed, added some more black pepper, ginger garlic placed; transferred in a little sauce salt, and mix well to squeeze a little honey; salmon uniformly draw several times, manually tuned to help spread sauce salmon; all the remaining sauce poured on salmon, marinated over 10 minutes; the heating pan , pour a little olive oil to remove excess juice into the salmon over medium heat fry seventy-eight cooked, and finally pour the remaining sauce and sprinkle with lemon pieces to the surface。