Spring Festival train ticket since January 3 Raiders grab tickets on sale this unmissable


January 2 power according to China Railway preparation of the "2018 Spring Festival railway ticket calendar" 2018 Spring Festival from February 1 start, ending March 12。
January 3, the first day of Spring Festival tickets will be officially on sale。 Unconsciously, Chart Source: China Railway official microblogging ticket pre-sale period January 3, 2018 will be able to buy tickets first day of spring (February 1) of the; January 17, 2018 will be able to buy New Year's Eve (February 15) of tickets; January 18, 2018 will be able to buy tickets the day of the Chinese New Year (February 16) of the。
Tickets required from citizens via the Web, phone orders and timely manner to purchase tickets during Spring Festival。 As the Chinese New Year statutory holidays for the New Year's Eve to the sixth month, in recent years, every year on the eve of New Year's Eve as well as before and after the Spring Festival passenger peak is the sixth day, sixth day of the New Year's Eve, and the ticket is often the most tight, you want to start early to grab ah。 Ticket purchase information is correct and timely attention to ways: call the railway call center 95105105 telephone booking, log on tickets, phone 12306 client tickets, train station ticket windows, ticket outlets and railway station ticket vending machines。
Not rely on third-party software to avoid being taken。
After 45 minutes the train from the sale, if the part is not timely payment of Internet users to grab votes, 45 minutes after these votes will return the ticket bunker。
According to past experience, before driving 15 days is the peak of the refund, in first place votes, the railway sector will also sometimes place votes in batches at other times after sale tickets, usually the whole point of the day, there will be the slightest ticket release ; drive 48 hours before and 24 hours ticketing system tend to release some of the remaining tickets。 In addition, for the first time in the purchase of 12306 passengers, who need advance ticket window for ID card to verify identity, or can not buy tickets online。 Seize the opportunity to grab votes 12306 ticketing network every day, but a different station, train tickets discharge time varies。
If everyone is afraid of early or late robbed robbed, you can call 12306 sale time or call the attention of the official micro-station signal 12306 inquiry。 Spring Festival rush tickets difficult, multi-pick a few trips it is necessary to make alternative!You know, cast a wide net in order to cash in fish?Within each of the trips to be given time to put the ticket in advance alarm clock, rush tickets because the highest success rate of the time period is usually place votes of half a minute。 Concern over the situation if the ticket is not the first time to grab a ticket and do not give up, because after more than a ticket will be released。 During the spring, the whole point of booking time of day, the slightest release may vote more than, 12: 00/13: 00/18: 00 greater chance。 In addition, 193 days before driving: 1200 and 1 day before driving:: 00-13: 00-20 probability of more than 00 votes appear higher。 During the Spring Festival focus on temporary trains, the railway sector will be to open temporary passenger trains according to demand。
Temporary train ticket pre-sale is not restricted Once the opening line, it will be announced, and put the ticket in the first time。
Concern temporary train announcement, can greatly increase the probability to grab votes。
System integration Member since December 20, railway authorities launched the "railroad navigate the" frequent flyer membership service, frequent flyer members will earn points to buy tickets, accumulated in accordance with fare, reaching 10,000 points for the first time more than that to get redemption qualifications, available the railway sector to exchange specified trips of the train ticket。 Exchange tickets can also be transferred to other small partners!Since December 20, 2017, over 12 years of natural persons, by 12306 (including mobile phone APP), channels railway sector stations dedicated windows, etc., after the initiative to apply for and complete the authentication, can become a "railway navigate" Chang flyer。 Online ticketing, micro-channel replacement ticket can be paid from November 23 onwards, the China Railway Customer Service Center 12306 micro-channel payment functions into trial operation.。
Passengers holding micro-channel payment account can pay page select the "micro-channel pay" in 12306 and the mobile client to make a purchase。
All the major stations, ticket window and ATM self-service ticket machines will gradually pay support micro-channel scan code。 More importantly, the national railway passenger train replacement ticket also promote the use of micro-channel pay it!Remember when found themselves without fear of insufficient cash or cash it in those years when the replacement ticket on the train?Never to happen this way。
Meal tickets can receive micro letter and other information in real time in addition to micro-channel pay, on the eve of Spring Festival this year, from last December 26, 12306 new micro letter of notification。 After the user logs in account 12306 "12306 Railroad" applets or "12306 Railroad" micro-channel public number, the binding micro signal and concern "Railways 12306" No public, can receive tickets in the micro letter, Meal, refund, etc. stroke notice。 12306 express train operation adjustment and phone number verification is still sent via SMS。
Off-site ticket fee-free five yuan China Railway since October 1, 2017, the national railway cancel railway ticket booking fee places。 After the train station ticket window, outlets in different places to buy a train ticket window is no longer subject to a $ 5 fee for each。
EMU open "seat selection" feature since October 12 this year, China Railway convenient service launched two new initiatives "continue Ride" program and EMU train "independent seat selection"。 Independent seat selection: When 12306 or mobile client ticketing system will automatically provide a seat map for your choice。 Follow Ride: When the train between origin and destination is no direct train without a ticket or reach, we can choose to "continue transfer" feature, the system will automatically transfer routes planned for you。 EMU, high-speed rail can order takeaway from July 17 this year, take the G, EMU passenger train travel prefix d can book meals through 12306, phone APP, etc.。 Meals can be ordered either traveled on the train's dining car supply, can also be booked along the feeding station supply of social meals。 Passengers can simultaneously over the Internet to purchase tickets online reservation, railway station car service personnel will train to the designated meal after ordering successful, carriages and seats。 In addition the following 'six unbelief "have to remember the simplicity。
Money making is fairly light, and made two fiscal ticket loss, the tragedy of it may go back home!Finally, Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。