# # Division title?US-concocted "TSTA Law" to embolden China trade war


  Wen | Zhusui Yi US President Trump recently signed a Taiwan travel method (also known as exchanges with Taiwan law), the lifting of restrictions visits of US-Taiwan officials at all levels, developing official relations with Taiwan, is tantamount to view Taiwan as a country, a flagrant violation of the principle of Sino-US relations and the situation in the Taiwan Strait dropped a bombshell。 Chinese embassy, Foreign Ministry, Defense Ministry, the Taiwan Affairs Office, the People's Daily has criticized the relevant provisions of the Taiwan Travel Act and a serious violation of the principles of three Sino-US joint communiques, urged the US side to keep its promise to correct the error, not the implementation of the relevant provisions。

Washington recently reiterated one-China policy unchanged。

This statement is simply rhetoric but trickery。

The US government allows the exchange of visits between officials of the United States and Taiwan, which is already active between countries, while Washington claims that follow the one-China policy, the other side has maintained close military links with Taiwan, and now even attempt to expand the development of the official with Taiwan relationship, apparently double-dealing。   Although the United States in January 1979 diplomatic relations with China, and broke off diplomatic relations with Taiwan, but in April the same year the introduction of the so-called relations with Taiwan law stipulated that the United States will continue to provide defensive weapons to Taiwan, maintaining military ties with Taiwan。 This is in fact contrary to the one-China principle。 Taiwan travel law recently signed by Trump to black and white expressly advocating Taiwan-US officials exchange visits at all levels, but is also a blatant provocation in principle。

Taiwan Travel Act that the US Cabinet officials and other senior officials to visit a country, the United States and this country is an indicator of the depth and breadth of relations。

The provisions of the national apparent reference to Taiwan。 Washington also argued that even a change in policy, is nothing more than nonsensical。

Taiwan Travel Act also allows officials claimed that all levels of the US government, including national security cabinet officers, general officers and other administrative officials to visit Taiwan and meet with Taiwanese officials at the same level, allowing senior officials of Taiwan into the United States, and show proper respect for the officials and so on。

This is simply develop official relations。   Trump signed on Friday after Taiwan travel method, this week of two senior US officials have visited Taiwan, respectively, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US State Department Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs Deputy Assistant Secretary Huang Han and the US Department of Commerce in charge of manufacturing Shiyi En to Taiwan law is not a blank check travel show。 Washington's tough stance is just to give her courage in a trade war with China, put pressure on the Chinese side, the Chinese side attempt to force concessions。 But the government apparently misjudged the situation Trump。

A principle at stake in China's core interests, is absolutely impossible for negotiations and transactions。

  As the saying goes soldiers to be blocked, troubled water。 China does not stir up trouble, but not timid。

Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing recently that the Chinese people have the will, full confidence, sufficient capacity to defeat all activities to split the country, the great motherland every inch of territory are absolutely can not be absolutely impossible to secede from China。 This demonstrates the strong will of the Chinese side in safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity, the US side not to misjudge the situation, court disaster。